Today is a strength circuit day utilizing kettlebells and bodyweight movements.
Did a general warm-up using movements from Nick Tuminello's excellent warm up's for lower and upper body. About 5 movements from each category.
I then preformed the following circuit 4 times, 1 min rest between each exercise:
Double Clean and Press (2x32kg KB)x5 reps
Double Front Squats (2x32kg KB)x8 reps
Alternating Renegade Rows (32kg KB)x8 reps each side
Snatch (32kg)x7 reps each side
Pistolsx6 reps each side
Pullups (with 16kg KB)x3

Took a couple of minutes rest, then did some swings as finisher:
One Handed Swings (24kg KB)x10 reps each side x 4 sets without rest

So how did it go today? Well, not great and not terrible either. Had slept poorly and that took it's toll especially during the finisher. The strength part went well enough although I would've benefited from a longer warm up today. Had a hard time maintaining the required focus to perform nice, crisp swings so I cut the finisher sets short and performed 4 instead of the planned 7. Probably a good thing that it's time for an off week next week, body a bit tired after two months of steady increase in training load.

Now it's time for pub quiz at the Bishop's Arms on Järntorget and a nice cold Jever Fun.